The Milton Milton Show is a short-form, animated comedy series produced by Brian Luff & Georgina Sowerby in London. The show is hosted by the foul-mouthed Milton Milton – a super-rich and obnoxious celebrity with the world’s most annoying voice and TV persona. Milton is aided and abetted by a reluctant cast of animals, robots and aliens who he bullies, cajoles and bribes into helping him produce his long-running late night chat show.

“The Milton Milton Show” is written by Brian Luff, who is best known for co-writing and producing the cult adult puppet series Pets for Channel Four and MTV. His previous animated series “Explicit Biscuit”, co-written with partner Georgina Sowerby, won Best Animation at the East Coast Film Festival in 2018, and his short film “Aristaeus” won the Spirit of the Festival Award at the London Short Series Festival 2018. Brian previously worked as a senior digital producer for BBC Comedy and as Head of Digital Content for two global television networks.